I am a graphic designer specializing in visual identities, dedicated to creating standout and resonant brands. My methodology is grounded in a deep conceptual process, ensuring that each project has a solid and meaningful foundation. With a minimalist approach, I aim to find and highlight the essence of each project, removing unnecessary noise to create clear and effective designs. I believe in the concept of emotional minimalism, which means conveying emotions through the essence and a particular perspective on things.

In addition to my work as a designer, I am an instructor on the Domestika platform, where I teach a course on visual identities. This teaching experience allows me to share my knowledge and passion for design with a global community of creatives.

This website is constantly evolving, offering a glimpse into my projects, processes, and some sketches of my work. Here, you can explore how each project develops from conception to final execution, reflecting my commitment to excellence and creativity in graphic design.

Email: berchk@gmail.com
Call: +598 98 848 704

Montevideo, Uruguay